In order to ensure your transactions are tracked by and you collect cashback there are a few things you need to ensure:

- that your browser allows cookies and java script
- that your existing cookie cache is cleared each time you make a new transaction to avoid conflicts with other stored cookies from other sites 

  this will be available if you click Tools in the majority of browsers
- that your security / anti-virus software or parental controls recognise as a “safe” site so as to allow cookies when making a transaction
- that your pop-up blocker is disabled as some of the merchants use pop-ups to open pages essential to your transaction
- that your InPrivate browsing is disabled (a feature of Internet Explorer 8)

Assuming full tracking is possible, make sure you are logged in to and simply click on the links to the merchants, find the product(s) or service(s) you want and complete your purchase. CashbackAPP will then invoice the merchants for the marketing fees and award cashback based on the size of your spend. Whilst some merchants report instantly and pay within 14 days, others may take longer so please allow up to 60 days for your cashback balance to be updated.

You can check your cashback balance at any time when logged in to your account.

NB On each merchant description, you will see the cashback amount but please note the cashback available is “up to” this amount hence may not always match the value stated.

NNB When buying a product or service from a retailer’s website, you must complete the purchase as soon as possible to avoid the system timing out and losing track of your purchase.


- waiting hours to complete the purchase
- closing your browser window
- going directly to the retailer’s website (as you will bypass the tracking link and lose out on your cashback)
- leaving the retailer’s website before completing the purchase process

Any of these actions may result in us being unable to track your transaction, with the retailer assuming you did not come from We will therefore be unable to invoice for our marketing fee leading to you missing out on your cashback.