In order to collect cashback where you see this sign  you need to pay through cashbackAPP. 

You must check with your server that they are ready to accept a 'Instant digital gift card' prior to purchasing one through CashbackAPP. All instant digital gift card purchases made through CashbackAPP are non refundable so to avoid issues it is important to double confirm.

Once you have the staff's confirmation, enter the exact amount you wish to pay, select the card you wish to use to pay with, and enter your CVV code of that card.

We'll debit the required amount of money from your card and immediately purchase a gift card from the store you are at. You can be assured it is a valid gift card/ code because we purchase these from the merchant directly. We will present the required QR code, or gift card/code number, of your purchase on your phone.

Scan the code on the merchants system, or read the card number displayed to the merchant.

Sometimes the voucher facility isn't working or new members of staff aren't overly familiar with how digital vouchers work,so you should ensure you are aware of how the system works to guide them. 

There are normally no issues at all and everything progresses smoothly, however sometimes human error confuses things. We have found the main human error occurs in merchants which have their own mobile app. Sometimes these merchant's till systems require a member of staff to choose a method of payment i.e (1) for their own app or (2) for a gift card. If you are standing at the till holding your phone , they may assume you have the merchant's own app in your hand and press the incorrect till button as a result.

If they log the sale as coming from their own app, then your gift card/code, may not work correctly. For this reason you must clarify you are paying with a gift card and not their own app.